[Baby can eat egg yolk every month]_egg_kid_can you eat

[Baby can eat egg yolk every month]_egg_kid_can you eat

The healthy diet of the baby is indeed very important, because we all know that the baby needs a variety of nutritional supplements at the growth stage, and the baby can add some yolk to the baby after the supplementary food is added, which will help supplement the trace elements.But it should be after the baby is four months old.

1. The baby can start to add complementary food at four months. At this time, the yolk can be used as a complementary food for the baby.

The nutritional value of egg yolk is very high. At first, you can let your baby eat a small amount of egg yolk. When the baby’s stomach can absorb and digest, you can give the baby a whole egg yolk.

2, the baby eats egg yolk can add vitamin yolk, the main ingredient, is 17.

5% protein, 32.

5% aunt, and about 48.

0% water and 2% minerals, as well as trace ingredients such as multivitamins.

Egg yolk contains valuable vitamin A and vitamin D, as well as vitamin E and vitamin K.

These are “fat-soluble vitamins” and there are no traces of these in egg whites.

Even the dialysis vitamin B group is present in the egg yolk.

Generally, part of the pale yellow color of the yolk of chicken farm eggs comes from the color of riboflavin, and riboflavin is vitamin B2, which can prevent common diseases such as cracking of the corners of the mouth, glossitis, and cracking of the lips.

3, the baby eats the yolk can supplement the trace elements of the egg various trace elements concentrated in the yolk.

There is a lot of phosphorus in the yolk and a lot of iron.

Although the iron absorption rate in egg yolk is relatively low, it still plays an important role in infants who cannot eat meat.

At the same time, all lecithin in eggs comes from egg yolk, and lecithin can provide choline, which helps to synthesize an important neurotransmitter, acetylcholine.

Therefore, the baby’s first complementary food is often egg yolk.

Egg yolks are good for your child’s iron supplementation, as well as your child’s brain development.