Stimulate the intelligence of 1-month-old babies

Stimulate the intelligence of 1-month-old babies

After the baby is born to one year old is the golden period of brain development, this period is especially important for the baby’s intellectual development.

The baby can start learning intelligently after birth, especially 0?
At the age of two, the baby’s learning and development is quite amazing. All the stimuli are unprecedented experience for them. Through the accumulation of rich experience, it will open up the baby’s comprehensive intellectual development and promote the baby’s intellectual development.

  So how is it born?
Providing appropriate quality and quantity stimulation at the 1-month stage will affect your baby’s future intelligence and various learning abilities.

  Physical development Most newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping and waking up. When they are awake, reflex actions such as grasping, sucking, and eyeball rotation occur.

For example, if you put your finger in the palm of your baby, he will grasp it reflexively, but then re-that is his own small hand.

In addition, you will be frightened by the sudden sound, and cry, some reactions.

When looking at the mother’s face in front, she will stare at the mother’s face briefly, but there is no way to have a clear facial expression reaction.

  Learning mode At this stage, the baby’s learning is more passive, and it mainly faces the external environment through the body’s reflex ability.

Therefore, parents can give the baby a comfortable sleeping environment to keep him in a relaxed and safe state; for a short time when the baby wakes up, he can talk with him, touch his skin, look at him, and let him feel outside.The beauty of the world.

  Love hugs and touches 1.

When he is awake, hug him as much as possible.


Choose to bathe your baby in the afternoon or when he is in a good mood.


Keep the room fit, with soft music.


The mother applies baby lotion on both hands and gently and slowly massages her body.

  Massage can stimulate the baby’s tactile sensory organs, promote blood circulation throughout the body, and eliminate the baby’s sense of worry; hugs can give the baby confidence, satisfaction and security.

  The call of love 1.

When your baby wakes up, look at him face to face, about 30 cm away.


Give him warm, loving eyes, and gently call his name or call him baby.


Slow down the sound as much as possible, and increase the pitch slightly, because most babies like crisp, soft sounds.

  The voice of the mother is full of security for the baby. This has something to do with listening to the voice of the mother from the pregnancy stage. The mother often talks happily to the baby, which will make the baby have a cheerful character from an early age and also become the basis of language.
  Reflex grip game 1.

Prepare several items with different touches, but don’t hurt your baby’s small hands.


Take turns in your baby’s palm.


Pull on these items again and you will find that your baby is holding it tightly.

  Use your baby’s reflexes to make him experience different sensations of touch and the feeling of being driven by the muscles of his hands to increase his awareness of his hands.