Women’s effective anti-aging needs to avoid these bad habits


Women’s effective anti-aging needs to avoid these bad habits


Not eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

After the rest of sleep, the body is fully prepared for the day’s work and learning. At this time, it needs to absorb rich nutrients to cope with the daily consumption.

According to nutrition experts, the energy and nutrients provided by breakfast occupy an important position in the absorption of energy and nutrients throughout the day. Without breakfast or breakfast, the body has to use the sugar and protein in the body. Over time, it will lead to dry skin.Wrinkles and anemia, etc., accelerate the aging of the human body, and in severe cases, cause nutritional deficiencies.


Meals are too full to eat, and it is not conducive to good health. It is also easy to induce gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic syndrome, and eating too much will accelerate aging, leading to premature ovarian failure in women.

Experts pointed out that too much fat food is easy to cause another kind of damage is the production of a large number of metabolites and feces. The turbidity and toxins produced by these wastes will damage the body’s organs, meridians, blood and accelerate the organs of the human body.Aging, facial damage, leading to premature ovarian failure, skin ulcers, increased wrinkles, whitening of the hair and so on.

In addition, low calorie, proper high-quality protein, low-sugar, low-lactose diet can also stimulate the release of growth hormone, enhance body function and invigorate the spirit.

A little bit of drought is more conducive to delaying aging than eating it all day long.


Excessive dieting is the opposite of eating and eating. Excessive dieting can also accelerate aging.

Because of the grainy foods, meat foods are warm, while vegetables and fruits are cold. Therefore, many girls who are over-dieting cause coldness that may result in qi deficiency.At the same time as dizziness, memory loss and other symptoms, menstrual disorders will occur, such as late menstruation, less menstrual flow, and even amenorrhea.

More serious, the signs of secondary sexual deterioration appear as vertical stripes, sparse pubic hair sleeves and so on.

Therefore, excessive dieting is the most inconvenient for girls who pursue beauty.


Regularly eat processed foods, frozen foods These foods may be added with preservatives, artificial colors, bleach and other harmful health substances, easy to generate free radicals in the body, destroy cells, only a small amount, long-term accumulation and adverse effects.

Processed foods, antiseptic ingredients in frozen foods, cause skin to lose elasticity and premature wrinkles.

Long-term freezing of food will cause loss of vitamins, and the more you eat, the more you will be old.


Many people who like to eat fried foods prefer Chinese fried foods such as fritters, fried cakes, etc. Western-style hamburgers with coffee or milk, black tea.

Fried foods such as fritters, frying, fried dumplings or Western-style burgers have problems with high fat.

After the food is fried at high temperature, the nutrients will be destroyed, and then the carcinogens will be produced; and the conversion of the fritters is relatively high, and the oil is also difficult to digest, and it is not suitable for long-term consumption.

In addition, fats and oils become mercury peroxide in the body, forming free radicals, and can only be taken in moderation.

If the mouth is not eaten, reduce the number and number.

Especially for women, long-term consumption of fried foods will increase the toxins in the body and accelerate aging.


The content of the diet should not delay the aging, and should pay attention to diet and maintain a balanced diet.

Nutrition experts point out that at least 14 foods a day must be used to achieve the desired balance.

Take minerals and trace elements as an example, the number is more than dozens, and the distribution is extremely wide.

If the food is the same every day, almost affecting the taste and reducing the appetite, it will cause imbalance or even lack of certain nutrients, thus burying the root of the disease.

In addition, eating the same food regularly increases the chance that harmful substances will remain in the body.

Experts say that it is best to eat 32 kinds of foods a day, at least 20 kinds of foods, and avoid partial eclipse.