It’s time to ride a bike in summer because it has six benefits.


It’s time to ride a bike in summer because it has six benefits.

It’s time to ride a bicycle in the summer, because it has six major benefits. Xiaobian has learned to ride a bicycle since he was a child. Since he was 10 years old, he has never even dared to touch it.

But from today, I decided to pick up the bike again, because cycling is really good for the body!

What are the benefits of cycling?


Strengthening the vascular bicycle is one of the best tools to overcome heart function problems.

More than half of the world’s people die of heart disease. Cycling can not only compress blood activity by the movement of the legs, but also retract the notes from the end of the blood vessels, but actually strengthen the microvascular tissue.cycle.

Strengthening blood vessels can keep you from age and youth.


It’s the easiest exercise. Some people don’t like to go to the gym, maybe because of time, maybe because of lazy cancer.

Then cycling is the best choice. When you go to the office or school by bike, you will not be bored and you will get two things.


The brain releases endorphins when it can be decompressed for exercise.

This substance can relax the brain and body.

The human body also releases endorphins when riding, which can decompress, relax, and finally make people happy.


Exposure to the sun, supplementation with VD vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in the body.

People in modern society are always sitting at home or in the office, and the opportunities and time to get in touch with the sun are getting less and less.

The lack of vitamin D may cause cancer, cardiovascular and other diseases.

Cycling for 20 minutes to half an hour every morning ensures that your body absorbs enough vitamin D.


Maintaining a body bike is a tool for weight loss. According to statistics, a person weighing 75 kilograms, at a speed of 9 miles and a half, can reduce the weight by half a kilogram when riding 73 miles, but it must be sustained every day.


Rapid blood circulation is actually due to the compression of blood vessels on the bicycle, the use of blood circulation to accelerate, the brain to take in more oxygen, so you suck in more fresh air.

Although the benefits of cycling are numerous, Xiao Bian also has to advise men to ride fewer bicycles, because cycling will oppress the perineum, affecting local blood circulation, causing genital discomfort, and even causing prostatitis and “impotence.”

Therefore, if a male friend likes to ride a bicycle, be sure to adjust the seat and buy one of the most comfortable bicycles, and each time you take a break, you can better ensure your health.