SNOOPY BABY Nutrition Shampoo & Body Wash

SNOOPY BABY Nutrition Shampoo & Body Wash

Product name: SNOOPYBABY Nutrition Shampoo and Body Wash Manufacturer: Zhuhai Shan Lana Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Net content: 300ml Product price: 13.

5 yuan product introduction: unique nutritional emollient formula, pure and mild, no irritation, can deeply moisturize the baby’s skin, give the baby a gentle and gentle care.

Mild moisturizing ingredients and high-efficiency water-retaining factors can fully enhance the skin’s hydration and smoothness, effectively protect the baby’s skin health, and make the baby feel comfortable and sweet all day long.

  The baby’s growth and development are accelerated, and it needs nutritional supplements, which can supplement the nutrients of hair and skin.

The push-on bottle mouth is convenient for mothers to use one hand when bathing the baby.

  How to use: Take an appropriate amount of this product on the palm of your hand, gently wipe it on the baby’s head and body until the foam is rich, and then wash it off with water; add one to the basin when bathing.

  Note: Do not relocate out of reach of infants and children; if there is too much, stop using it.