The bananas we eat often have these benefits!

How much do you know

The bananas we eat often have these benefits!
How much do you know

Banana is a common fruit that we have eaten most of our lives.

Generally, fruits are rich in nutrients. Eating fruits often has great benefits for the body. Bananas are no exception. When it comes to the benefits of bananas, how much do you know?

  1. Eating bananas brings happiness to people Many friends have heard the phrase “eating bananas brings happiness to people”. So, is this statement true or false?

The answer is yes, why is this effect?

Is it obviously the enjoyment of the taste buds?

Not all of them.

Banana contains a special substance that can make our brain produce serotonin. Serotonin makes us feel relaxed and happy, and it can effectively resist depression, anxiety and other bad emotions.

So if you are not happy, try a banana.

  2. Conducive to beauty skin care Banana contains certain vitamins A and vitamin C, both of which have certain optimizing effects on the skin.

Vitamin A can reduce the damage of skin toxins and free radicals to the skin, while vitamin C has the effect of whitening the skin. In addition, vitamin C can effectively prevent plaque, which is not only effective for young people, but also has certain preventive effects on age spots.

  If the weather is cold or too dry, and the skin has cracked, you can apply it with ripe banana pulp to help repair the crack.

Smashing banana peel can be used to treat common skin diseases such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and athlete’s foot.

  3. Assisting muscle growth. People who have experienced muscle growth know that in addition to protein powder, bananas are also an essential partner for muscle growth. Of course, it is not that eating bananas can increase muscles, but that bananas are indispensable during the muscle growth stage.The fruit, because bananas contain a lot of glucose, can provide great help for muscle growth.

  4, laxative to help digestion Some people say that eating bananas can relieve constipation, and some people say that eating bananas will increase constipation. Why are there two different statements?

  Bananas do have a laxative effect, which can clear the heat and moisten the intestines, and promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. People with symptoms of constipation can be relieved by eating bananas.

  It should be noted that bananas can also aggravate constipation. If it is not cooked, it will contain a substance called tannic acid. This substance will combine with protein to form amino acid acid protein, which will worsen the symptoms of constipation.

Tannic acid is widely used in cosmetics. It can shrink skin pores and reduce wrinkles, and if it acts on the inside, it can affect bowel movements. However, the quality of unripe bananas can be used to treat diarrhea.

Therefore, you should choose which kind of banana to eat according to your own situation.