Soybeans Effectively Alleviate Stomach Inflammation

Soybeans Effectively Alleviate Stomach Inflammation

The symptoms of lips erosion and inflammation of the corners of the mouth are commonly known as “rotten mouth corners”, which is probably due to the lack of vitamin B2 in the body.

If you eat some soy bean sprouts without having to see your doctor, you may be able to heal yourself.


hzh {display: none; }  黄豆是营养丰富的食物。Soy beans are soaked in water, soy bean sprouts are more nutritious than soybeans.

Soy sprouts have a higher B2 content than soy beans?
4 times, containing 0 per 100 grams.

1 mg, soy beans originally do not contain vitamin C, soy bean sprouts contain 10 mg of vitamin C.

In early spring, people are prone to lack of vitamin B2 and vitamin C. In addition, there are fewer vegetables on the market in spring, so it is advisable to eat more soybean sprouts.

  Soy beans contain traces of protease inhibitors and decomposed phytic acid, which affect the absorption and utilization of nutrients.

During the germination of soybeans, most of the trace protease inhibitors were destroyed. At the same time, the protein contained in soybeans was also broken down into soluble peptides and amino acids, which not only increased the freshness of bean sprouts, but also made the utilization of protein in bean sprouts at least less than that of soybeans.Increased by 10%.

After the soybean germinates, the phytic acid in it also decreases, which improves the absorption of the minerals calcium and zinc.

  Soy bean sprouts also contain an interferon inducer, which can induce interferon, which can interfere with viral metabolism.

People are more prone to miscellaneous diseases such as viral influenza in spring. Therefore, eating soybean sprouts in spring can also enhance people’s ability to resist viral infections.

  The bean sprouts on the market are often produced by vendors and urea and hormones. This fast-growing bean sprouts contain chemicals that are toxic to the human body.

The “sprouts” of poisonous bean sprouts are long and white, and they have roots. If you must buy bean sprouts on the market, you should choose rootless ones.

It is not difficult to grow soy sprouts, it is best to spontaneously at home.

  Develop sprouts at home, pay attention to mastering the “fire”.

Because soybean sprouts are not as long as “sprouts,” the better, the ones with the highest nutrient content and the freshest taste are bean sprouts with a length of 2 cm.

In addition, you should pay attention, do not add alkali when cooking bean sprouts, add alkali to reduce a large amount of vitamin B2 damage, add vinegar is conducive to preserving nutritional content.