Beijing: Zen Yue Yoga

Beijing: Zen Yue Yoga

Developed over 5,000 years of yoga, transcendence is all the rage in the world. Only in the United States, Europe, and Australia, there are tens of millions of people who practice yoga every day.

75% of fitness clubs nationwide provide yoga instruction.

The term “yoga” has become a term of health and bodybuilding in the “new era” in recent years.

  Founded by Chan Yue, the headquarter of Chan Yue Yoga Continental is established by Robert Sun, a Chinese-American yoga enthusiast. It is a professional institution established by California Zen Zen Yoga in Greater China to research and promote yoga.Important points of jurisdiction.

The mainland headquarters is rooted in Qilu, famous for its etiquette.

She upholds the spirit of yoga, absorbs the essence of ancient Indian yoga, and focuses on pure Indian yoga teaching. She uses modern and advanced management models and concepts to promote and spread yoga, promotes a healthy lifestyle and management concepts, and makes more people aware, Accept and practice yoga to better improve your physical condition and spiritual life.

  At the same time, Zen Yue Yoga has also continuously strengthened the development of joint ventures, and has established chain joint venture branches in many provinces and cities in the country, showing a positive and healthy development trend.

  Zenyue in China 2003, combined with the physical condition of Chinese yoga enthusiasts, Zenyue Yoga has carefully created a professional yoga course suitable for Chinese people, and gradually guided the majority of yoga enthusiasts to feel the charm of yoga.

  In 2004, the brand “Zhan Yue” and the hall logo of Zen Yue Yoga in China were approved by the National Trademark Administration and officially registered.

  In June 2004, Chanyue Yoga and the Shandong Metropolis Daily jointly established the “Love Activist Assistance Center” and established the “Zhanyue Love Fund” to repay the vulnerable groups in need of assistance through sponsorship funds and charity sales courses.

  On December 22, 2004, China Youth Entrepreneurship Project will be antique at Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Chan Yue Yoga was invited to participate, and the Chan Yue Yoga project was awarded for excellence. It became the central group, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Consumers Association, and the Shandong Provincial Labor and Social Security Agency.
  In 2005, Zen Yue Yoga opened a highly influential Chinese Yoga Forum. It gathered science, dialectics, materialism and lotus-like spirits to promote the wisdom of yoga spread the year before.

Participants do not participate in sharing and communicating with their members about physical changes and inner understanding during the practice of yoga, experience and gains in the business process, and at the same time attracting people who are new to yoga, so that yoga culture has more people understandPlatform.

  In 2005, Zen Yue Yoga set out to develop industry standards.

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