Passionate summer whitening and firming upgrade _1

Passionate summer whitening and firming upgrade

Life is just looking forward to it, so some people yearn for it. As now, the summer of passion has come, our whitening plan has been fully upgraded, and we look forward to wearing mini skirts and camisole, in order to be stunning when exposed, JJMM themI have made preparations for body care; I have already inquired about the beautiful mountains and rivers, and planned to call friends and friends to travel when the sun is shining.

  Last June, I wore T-SHIRT and jeans walking on the beaches of southern Sweden. Looking at the clear blue, the tranquil sky and seawater rushed into my eyes with tender emotions. The bright sun melted all the troubles and sorrows.

At this moment in the urban forest shaped by reinforced concrete, the state of mind is really different.

  So I began to miss, so there was a longing for revisiting.

Why miss it?

Because you understand its beauty, why yearn for it?

Because it’s hard to come by.

  We should know the hard-won expectations and longings in this life. Imagine that in such a season when you can hide, in addition to a tight muscle, the skin is also an important indicator of beautiful and beautiful exposure.

If the skin covered by a small suspender, tube top, hot pants and short skirt is healthy and fair, it is called seductive eyes.

  There is a saying to plan ahead, and whitening is not something that happens overnight. When the sunshine in the early summer just showed a little heat, the whitening jihad officially announced.

  Theme content: Whitening Manual in Summer. The summer is hot. The bright sunshine always makes us have nowhere to hide. To maintain beautiful and fair skin in summer, the habits in life can not be ignored, and see the complete whitening collected by Xiaobian for you.Manual it!

  Whitening treatments apply cold towels to irritated skin.

Cleaning the skin after going home is the foundation of whitening. Secondly, apply cold towels to stabilize the skin.

  The sunlight that refuses to irradiate the ground surface is divided into ultraviolet rays, visible rays, and infrared rays.

Although UV is not 100% harmful to the human body, it is a decisive factor that causes skin aging. In severe cases, it can cause skin diseases and cause skin cancer.

In the cosmetics industry, UV is used to represent ultraviolet rays. There are many UV marks on summer cosmetics such as sunscreen, which means that they contain split ultraviolet rays.

  If you fall in love with Vitamin C, UV-stimulated skin is too slow to recover, it is a sign of unhealthy skin, so you should usually take more VC to maintain skin health.

Vitamin foods are known: tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, water spinach, milk, seafood, etc., especially at night as the best time to absorb nutrients.

  Moisturizing is basic moisturizing is an important part for the skin.

Ultraviolet radiation irritates the skin and creases the skin’s resistance to ultraviolet rays.

The habit of washing your face with cold water every morning can effectively prevent this phenomenon.

  The skin lotion is exposed to ultraviolet rays for too long, and it will be dehydrated.

Use a cotton pad to take a fully frozen lotion and apply it on both cheeks 5?
Applying the face for 10 minutes will make the skin feel moist and cool. This is also Fan Bingbing’s beauty secret.

  How to choose a whitening product in a beauty salon?

  Most people think that whitening is to suppress the production of melanin. In fact, only by choosing different products according to different “black” problems can we do more with less and improve the skin condition.

  1.Racial Inequalities: Sun Protection First, This Is Most Important!

Whitening schemes such as fruit acid exfoliation can usually be used, while whitening schemes such as vitamin C are more general.

  2.Sunburn: Sun protection first, then use vitamin C-rich products.

  3.Dark circles: Whitening eye cream generally can only achieve very small effects to promote eye circulation, and most of them remain in the use of optical effects to achieve visual fade.

  4.Acne spots: Sun protection is still the first task, and then fruit acid exfoliation is used in combination with products containing vitamin C.

  Beauty items recommended whitening and firming skin care introduction: Daily daily care can only clean the skin surface. Whitening products bought in hypermarkets always have little effect. In fact, if you want to change the nature of the skin, choose a good beauty salon.Regular professional skin care can be better than using daily skincare products.

A general professional whitening treatment can restore your skin’s firmness and fairness in 15 sessions.

At present, there are many whitening products in professional beauty salons, and many consumers do not know how to make the best choice.

The professional whitening product I recommend is best to have ingredients that are closest to the skin tissue, such as natural fructose, collagen and vitamins.

The upper layer can strengthen the function of connective tissue and skin and mucous membranes; it is also rich in protein and amino acids, which can improve keratinous skin, add moisture, increase elasticity, prevent sagging and dull skin.

  Nursing object: dull skin, no gloss, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, loose skin, pseudo wrinkles, dry skin, inelasticity.

  Nursing time: about 90 minutes Nursing frequency: 5?Once every 7 days, 15 times is a course of treatment, which can be repeated in cycles.

  Nursing effect: It can effectively improve the dull and dull condition of the skin, and restore the skin to fairness and gloss.
  Care procedures: 1) Use makeup remover gel or makeup remover to remove face makeup 2) Soothing back massage for a short time 3) Deep whitening cleanser cleans facial skin 4) Use massage cream to moisturize and whiten skin 5) Exfoliate 6) DesignEyebrow shape, trim eyebrows 7) Ion gas spray, clear black head 8) Infrared electrotherapy + anti-inflammatory water 9) Lymphatic drainage massage 10) Whitening toner and deep cleansing 11) Intensive and refined 12) Firming and whitening mask (inside)   13) Double strengthened osmotic membrane (outside) 14) Active regenerating eye cream 15) Whitening firming cream Care price: 120?
600 yuan ranging from beauty collection whitening drinking schedule AM630 After a full night of sleep, the body began to lack water, drink 250CC of water when you get up, can help the kidneys and kidneys detoxify.

Don’t eat breakfast right away, wait for half an hour for the water to merge with each cell, perform metabolism, and then eat!

Very important!

Body drainage depends on it!

AM8 清 30 The process of getting up from the office to the office in the early morning is always compressed, the mood is also tense, and the body may become dehydrated. So when you arrive at the office, do not rush to make coffee and give yourself a cup of water of at least 250CC.!!
  AM1100 After working in an air-conditioned room for a while, you must take advantage of the time to get up and give yourself a third glass of water in a day to replenish the lost water, which will help ease the stressful work mood!

  PM1250 After drinking lunch for half an hour, drink some water instead of artificial drinks that make you fat, which can strengthen the digestive function of the body, be completely healthy, and help you maintain your figure.

  PM300 Replace a refreshing drink such as afternoon tea and coffee with a glass of healthy mineral water!

Drinking a large glass of water, in addition to replenishing the water lost in the air-conditioned room, can also help clear your mind.

  PM5: 30 Drink another glass of water before leaving the office after work.

If you want to use water to lose weight, you can drink a few more glasses to increase your feeling of fullness. You will naturally not overeating when you eat dinner later.

  PM1000 Drink a glass of water one to half an hour before bedtime, the goal is achieved!

I have taken 2000cc of water today.

But don’t drink too much at one breath, lest going to the bathroom at night will affect the quality of sleep.