Hot recommended chair exercises to easily create a small waist

Hot recommended chair exercises to easily create a small waist

The lower body is easy, and the degradation of gastrointestinal motility is a common problem for long-time sedentary office workers.

By sitting on a chair, you don’t need a lot of space, you can twist your waist and close your lower abdomen to help you exercise parts that you usually do not exercise!

 If you are smart, you can also use your free time at work for exercise health.

  The four major causes of “Little Abdomen” are inseparable from our bitter habits of rest during the rest, which can basically be divided into the following four points: Seated life: do not love sports, sitting for a long time on weekdays is a modern personThe most common common problem; sit back and watch TV after a full meal, or surf the Internet while snacking.

After ingesting food and sitting still, the sugar is converted into misfortune, and excess meat is accumulated in the abdomen.

  Life pressure: In the face of work pressure, many people use large foods to relieve stress in the heart, or they often overeat and stop after eating. They unknowingly absorb and substitute food too much.Easy to cause gastrointestinal protrusion.

  Poor posture: Too many people have insufficient abdominal muscle strength. When sitting, they are used to paralyzing the body on the back of the chair, unconsciously emptying the back waist, or people who are used to bending over and hunched, their bodies will unknowingly move forward.Leaning, the lower abdomen followed.

  Poor defecation: Too many women have constipation waste. Once long-term constipation, the body’s waste will accumulate in the intestine. The surface of the intestine is like a filter. After the filter holes are blocked, chronic abdominal distension will form.

  OL Thin Waist Chair Exercise The first trick: sit in the front half of the chair, with your feet close together, arms flat in front of your body and shoulder width, your fists touching.

  Second trick: Keep your arms flat, slowly turn your body to the left, and then slowly pull it back to the front.

  Third trick: Same on the other side, repeating the action about 20 times can create an enviable little wild waist!

  Fourth move: Put your knees close together, put your body side by side and keep a certain distance from your body, face straight forward but your upper body rolls sideways.

  Fifth trick: Repeat the same action on the other side, doing each other 20 times.

Can tighten the abdominal muscles on the waist side to make the body line more perfect.

  Editor’s Tip: The following rules and tips for thin waist can help you quickly reduce your waist circumference by 3 cm or more in a short time.


Drink more water and less carbonated drinks.

Carbonated drinks and those with high sugar content can make your stomach bulge like a balloon.


Don’t eat fries often.


Give your chin a break and don’t chew gum all the time.

Chewing gum can cause you to swallow too much air and your stomach will swell and swell.


If you feel your bowel movements are not smooth, drink more coffee.

One or two cups of coffee can help laxative.


Underwear corset.


Exhale as the movement lifts the spindle.

Reduce air pressure in the body and allow the abdominal muscles to fully participate in exercise.