Pay attention to six technical terms for cooking Chinese medicine

Pay attention to six technical terms for cooking Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a cure that many people will choose, but younger people are more worried about cooking Chinese medicine.

In fact, there is no particularly difficult place for cooking Chinese medicine. Pay attention to some details.

We all know that there are many places to pay attention to cooking Chinese medicine. Some say the choice of pots, the mastery of the heat and so on.

Here we will teach you six professional terms to pay attention to when cooking Chinese medicine: 1. Wenhuo, Wuhuo Slow-fired fried is called Wenhuo, and Jiuhuo is called Wuwen.

The predecessors said that they had to fry for a while to get rid of it, and to fry for a long time to stay cooked.

In general, decoctions are written first, followed by wuhuo, and then boiled with wenhuo.

Such as the “Compendium of Materia Medica” contains the text of martial arts, such as legal service, there is no invalid.

  2. In addition, stew some precious medicines, such as ginseng, antelope horn, etc. In order to protect the effective ingredients from being lost, you can cut them into small slices and simmer in water for 2?
3 hours, take juice and take.

  3. Baojian In order to prevent turbidity of the medicinal solution and reduce irritation to the pharynx, larynx and gastrointestinal tract after decoction, such as erythrolipids, talc, vortex flower, puhuang, etc., wrap the medicine into a pot with a thin cloth.

  4, after the mint, amomum, agarwood, rhubarb and other odorous aromatic drugs, by virtue of its volatile oil effect, it is appropriate to fry when the general drug is about to fry 4?
Just 5 minutes, to prevent the long-term cooking from becoming effective to disperse hair and reduce the efficacy.

  5, fry the shells and mineral drugs first, it is difficult to fry the taste due to the firm quality, it should be broken before frying, about 10 after boiling?
20 minutes, then apply other medicines, such as turtle plate, scallops, vermiculite, raw oysters, stone Cassia, keel and so on.

Drugs with a lot of sediments such as heartwood, glutinous rice root, etc., and light-weight drugs such as reed root, grass root, bamboo root, etc., should also be decocted and clarified, and then the clarified solution should be used instead of water to cook other drugs.

  6, gelatinized, viscous and easily soluble drugs, such as Ejiao, staghorn gum, honey, hellebore, etc., should be melted separately before use, and then added to the dregs solution while stirring, so thatIt is fully dissolved, so as not to scorch in the pan during frying, and for other medicines, reduce the effective ingredients of the medicine and affect the efficacy.