Drinking alcohol harms your health

Drinking alcohol harms your health

First of all, alcohol first causes a short period of excitement in the cerebral cortex, which is manifested by too much talk, emotional excitement and restlessness, and then shifts into the suppression of entry time, showing signs of slow response and sleepiness.

At this time, brain function is in an abnormal state, which reduces discrimination, attention and judgment, and affects the balance and coordination of body movements.

If you exercise in this state, the cerebral cortex will work “strongly”, which will damage brain function and be prone to dangerous situations.

  Increased temperature, alcohol can increase heart rate, increase myocardial oxygen consumption, increase blood pressure, cause abnormal heart rate, and increase the burden on the heart.

If you exercise after drinking, it will further increase the burden on the heart muscle and cause damage to the heart.

  Furthermore, alcohol promotes muscle fatigue.

Drinking muscles relax and muscle tone decreases.

During acute muscle exercise, the oxygen demand increases sharply and the oxygen supply is insufficient. The muscle will produce a large amount of lactic acid, causing fatigue.

The production and accumulation of alcohol-sintered instant milk and slows the elimination of lactic acid.

  In addition, the alcoholic liver needs to deal with alcohol, and the blood supply is relatively increased, while the insulin tract is congested due to alcohol stimulation, and some blood must be accumulated.Gastrointestinal blood supply.

In this way, it is not only detrimental to the liver, but also impairs the function of the insulin tract.